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A Library-friendly version is also available to purchase now through Createspace.com and Amazon. Because library books are shared, the library version does not contain the activities pages which encourage book marking. However, they can still be downloaded from the Activities Page. These activities are perfect for teachers, librarians, therapists and social workers.

About The Book

Lu Lu, The Blue Flamingo (Second Edition) is the story of Lu Lu, the world's only blue flamingo, who wants to be pink and "fit in" with her flamingo friends. Her desire to be pink leads her to Dr. Havalook who fulfills her dream -- or so she thinks. Lu Lu quickly discovers that being pink isn't right for her and learns that it's okay to be different and be a "one of a kind bird."

Lu Lu, The Blue Flamingo (Second Edition) is the first in a series of children's picture books designed to give enjoyment to children, parents and caregivers as fun and quirky characters tackle and resolve life challenges common to childhood development. The book is 42 pages with full color illustrations and larger, child-friendly print for easier reading and family enjoyment.

A self-discovery exercise and two coloring pages are included* and can also be downloaded from the Fun Activities page.

*Not available in the Library Version.

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